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I am most interested in leadership opportunities in emerging market segments especially those which are pushing the envelope for new technologies.  My 23 years of experience is mostly in the software segment with a strong background in direct enterprise sales.  I also know enough work closely with hardware designers.    


I have been focusing mostly in the mobile space for the last 3 years.   Before that I was in fortune 50 scale infrastructure with a strong emphasis in XML and Web Services. 


I have retained more technical expertise than most senior managers which makes me an effective evangelist.  I really get excited about how applying new technology can positively impact the lives of the people who use it.   I am a high energy, high impact contributor and as such tend to build highly productive teams who expect a wide degree of latitude in execution to goals.


I would love an opportunity to open entirely new markets in one of the following.


·        Nano technologies, using micro software architectures to develop emergent behavior as a way of building self organizing macro scale solutions using micro components.  

·        Utilizing the current surplus of microprocessors by developing new architectures that use massively parallel multi tiered symbolic reduction pipelines to solve very complex problems.   In human terms this is using a large number of smaller CPU’s where we have sets of individual CPU analyzing input streams and reducing that input into a symbolic representation that can be effectively analyzed by the next CPU in the chain all of this ultimately gets fed into CPU’s which are dedicated to decision making.  A good example of this would be self driving cars where you need to effectively combine sonar, radar, video, inertia, GPS and wireless input systems into a decision making process.

 Current Resume – Updated 2005 as the most current synopsis of my career.   This version focuses on my Executive and Operational Experience rather than technical expertise. – PDF Older PDF Version


 Summary from Linked-in (PDF)


Additional Detail

 Identity Managment Experience   A I started SSO (Single Signon) with extended identity managment before the industry even new it was a problem and have deployed several major applications focusing on various aspects of this problem.

 Project History   A history of important past projects

 Career Phases – A short biography of the stages my Career has developed through.

  Hewlett Packard Addendum  - My current experience with Hewlett Packard. This is the most importation portion for most hiring decisions. (TODO: add information from e-speak position here.

Prior to 1994

 Detailed Prior to 1994 - A complete resume with excruciating detail. More than any normal person would ever want to read but for those detail-oriented people here it is.

 Summary - A summary of my career up to my H.P. experience.

 RPG-TRAN - A product I built which translated RPG to C++ and latter to Smalltalk. This was to allow people trapped in IBM S/38 legacy systems an open systems escape from their legacy environment. IBM fixed their marketing problems in their mid range systems in 1994 so the market driver for the product decreased. I sold a few conversion jobs based on this technology but the real benefit was all the consulting projects I landed as a result of having the technology and the experience.

Additional Technology Details.

 Smalltalk - An addendum detailing some of my Smalltalk experience. I keep this around because I still think Smalltalk one of the truely great technologies that didn't make it on the open market predominantly due to marketing incompetence rather than technology validity. I have found that what I learned during using Smalltalk I still use heavily. I currently use a lot of Python because it is as close I can find to Smalltalk that is still a viable player.

 C++ - An addendum detailing some of my C++ experience.  C++ was important in validating the concept and use of Object Oriented techniques in corporate America today as a result it was an essential part of my career growth.

 Java - TODO: Write the Java Addendum. - Everybody has it and Most can write in it. You will find that my Java is heavily influenced by my Smalltalk heritage and as a result I make heavy use of generic data structures that can be cast in many directions. This generally results in programs which are smaller, more readable and concise than typical but they take slightly more training for junior programmers to understand.

 Perl is probably my all time favorite language for writing just about anything in.   For small projects of 5 people or less Perl is an ideal language.   The only problem is that I have found it difficult to attract Perl programmers who can write code that is maintainable by non-expert programmers.

 Python provides almost the strength of Perl,  inherits a lot of important conceptual elements from Smalltalk, Has the cleanest syntax of any language I have used and is maintainable by junior and expert programmers alike. I like it for most projects better than Java but it is not nearly as fast as C.

Other  References

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Data Coherence, Flexibility, Extendibility and Manageability.

We help Large enterprises solve the hard problems, diversity and rapid change which are encountered when integrating systems operating at the edge of the enterprise.

Joseph Ellsworth - Chief Technology Officer
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