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COHERITY's XML Database Solutions Help Enterprises Dynamically Aggregate Data
3/26/02 3:15 AM
Source: Business Wire

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 26, 2002--

Accenture Backed Company Redefines XML Database Solutions
and Enables HP to Keep Pace with Rapidly Evolving Data

COHERITY (formerly known as PyBiz, Inc.), the premier provider of XML-based data management solutions, today announced that it has been selected as the provider of XML database technology for use with Hewlett-Packard Company's HP OpenView Web portal. Coherity's XML database solution goes beyond basic storage and query features, becoming an enabling platform for dynamic data aggregation and integration. Leveraging its expertise in the $1.26 billion XML database market, the company is delivering its solutions to Fortune 1000 enterprises facing information integration and aggregation challenges. The Coherity XML Database (CXD) and Coherity Integrated Customer Care (ICC) solutions enable mid-to-large size companies to access disparate corporate information while managing data diversity and growth, without impacting existing legacy applications.

"Aberdeen sees a rapid growth in enterprises' need to deliver a broad range of information in a coordinated fashion to a wide variety of audiences via portals and Web services. We believe that Coherity is well positioned to provide key infrastructure to meet this need, scalably and with minimal impact on existing data sources," said Wayne Kernochan, managing vice president, platform infrastructure, Aberdeen Group.

"Enterprise IT must deal with data structure diversity and evolution in order to improve information communication," commented Joe Ellsworth, CEO of COHERITY. "These are the key elements that were not being considered prior to the development of Coherity's native XML database solution which can easily adapt to rapidly evolving data without making changes to existing applications or data structures. Moreover, when compared to existing technology, our solutions immediately solve data aggregation and correlation problems that were traditionally out of reach due to time and cost constraints."

A Case Study: Coherity Solutions Help Resolve CRM Integration Issues

Coherity helped develop a framework for building an eCRM solution for HP's industry-leading HP OpenView infrastructure management software that could easily integrate with the company's broader CRM strategy. Coherity's technology helped HP build a dynamic data store to integrate and aggregate multiple customer data silos, each having a separate interface, into a single eCRM portal. In addition, Coherity's technology helps to securely extend profile attributes and authorized-access to information using existing single sign-on (SSO) technology.

"Coherity's XML database solutions helped us to quickly collect customer information via the Web, consolidate this data and reduce redundancy in a timely and cost efficient manner," said Patty Azzarello, vice president and general manager, HP OpenView Business Unit. "Coherity's solution helped us bring together disparate information for improved customer satisfaction."

"XML has only been on the radar screen for five years, but the XML database market is expected to grow 20 percent a year according to analysts, forecasting $1.26 billion by 2004," said Ryan McIntyre, Venture Partner, Mobius Venture Capital (formerly Softbank Venture Capital). "Coherity continues to differentiate itself from other XML database vendors with its product direction and value proposition going beyond the basic XML storage and query to address diversity and evolution problems that come with information integration."

COHERITY's Products

Coherity Integrated Customer Care solution (ICC)

The Coherity Integrated Customer Care solution (ICC) is built on Coherity's "Adaptive Information Integration(TM)" infrastructure. Companies can easily share diverse information across best-of-breed applications regardless of how each application evolves. ICC provides a cohesive customer experience by enabling centralized management of information and profiles across disparate applications without involving IT at every step. ICC extends Single Sign-On (SSO) technologies to accommodate application-specific profile attributes and fine-grained authorization.

Coherity XML Database (CXD)

The Coherity XML Database (CXD) is a schema independent XML-based solution that offers the most comprehensive data management environment available today. CXD provides an evolutionary approach of secure, dynamic access to distributed data with minimal or no impact to existing IT investments. CXD's high performance, platform-independent architecture provides a cohesive mechanism for integrating legacy data sources. CXD's powerful search semantics enable dynamic queries and provide easy interaction with large volumes of rapidly evolving XML records.


Founded in1999, Palo Alto, CA-based Coherity ( ) is the premier provider of XML data management solutions that focus on resolving difficulties in information integration. COHERITY's native XML database solutions adapt easily to rapidly evolving data without making changes to existing applications or data structures. COHERITY's management team is led by Joe Ellsworth, CEO and co-founder, backed by an executive team with more than 56 years of experience in companies such as Oracle, Netscape, Baan, and HP. The company is backed by prestigious investors such as Mobius Venture Capital (formerly Softbank Venture Capital), Accenture Technology Venture and Evercore Ventures.

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