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Pybiz Team

The leaders at Pybiz have been providing industry-leading thinking and implementation of E-Commerce, E-Services and E-Business applications for the last 5 years. Before the emergence of the Internet, we were involved with architecting and implementing complex client server applications.

Over the years, we have specialized in loosely-coupled, adaptive architectural approaches to developing complex applications. We feel this approach is required to facilitate scaling of collaborative E-Commerce networks. We specialize in supporting a consistent user experience in a diverse technology environment where programmers are working in a wide variety of technologies such as XML, Java, Python, and Perl. This approach allows very large groups of independently developed WEB projects to function as if they were designed as a cohesive system rather than an evolving family of separate applications.

We have been leading architects and development managers at Hewlett Packard's E-Speak initiative. While we were with the E-speak Operation, we were key contributors to the design and implementation of all of the following technologies.

We contributed a substantial body of Python code representing our common libraries to the Open Source community. See the HP Python Business Libraries project on SourceForge.

Joe Ellsworth, CEO
Joe Ellsworth is a very well known businessman software technologist with a long history of achievements. Most recently, Joe has been a key E-Speak solutions architect as a high level manager of the Solutions Team at HPs E-Speak Operation. Joe hasn't allowed his management role to take him very far from technology. He helped code the hardest 30% of the first generation E-Speak Broker / Market Maker product which was delivered To Helsinki Telephone Corporation in Finland. As part of his job, Joe was sent out as the factory expert to salvage deals and architect solutions for many customers after the lead architects for large SI consulting firms ran into problems and needed even more advanced architects. Joe is dedicated to Python and the Open Source community (like the rest of the team at PyBiz). Before he worked for the E-Speak Operation, he worked in IT as a member of HP's CSO organization where he led the development and deployment of HPs Enterprise Portal technology called Enterprise Solutions.Now (ESN). Joe also led the development efforts for the Quote & Order Assistant (QOA) and Watson on the Web (WOW) while working in CSO. Joe led the effort to bring E-Commerce technologies into HP's Unix computer group. He conceived of and helped kick off the HP / O'Reilly SourceXChange partnership, now part of collab.net. See Joe's bio page for a more detailed overview of his background and philosophy or visit his home page at http://www.joe-ellsworth.com/. You can reach Joe at info@pybiz.com

Greg Von Kuster
Greg Von Kuster comes to PyBiz with a long history of success in the software industry. He spent 12 years at Hewlett Packard where he participated in the development of several large scale, complex business applications. With the emergence of the Internet, Greg quickly became engaged in the development of early E-Commerce web technology. Greg and Joe have worked together since 1995, so their career paths have taken similar courses since then. Over the past year, Greg has been heavily involved in pioneering the development of new technology in HP's E-Services Initiative as an R&D Solutions Development manager in the E-Speak Operation. In this role, he has been a key contributor to the deployment of the very first E-Speak Brokered solution called the E-Speak Brokered Multimedia Portal. This solution has been deployed to Helsinki Telephone Corporation in Finland.

Greg attended college at the University of Montana where he received an Associate of Arts degree in 1986 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 1988. Greg was heavily involved in artificial intelligence research during college and carried on in this vein during his early years at HP. He continued with graduate courses in artificial intelligence at Stanford University studying Knowledge Representation in the Psyc project. You can reach Greg at greg@pybiz.com

Chetan Patel
Chetan Patel brings energy and a fresh perspective to every project. He is very team-oriented and hard working with just the right balance between maturity and rising to a challenge. Chetan has a penchant for wanting to solve the hardest problems in the most innovative ways.

Chetan has worked at Hewlett Packard Company(HP) for 3 years on diverse, technically challenging projects. Chetan has taken on increasing responsibilities from development to a technical architect and project management. For the last year Chetan has lead a team in the development and deployment of an application called the E-Services Broker. The E-Services Broker represents the next generation market-mediary Internet Marketplace E-Service and B2B application from HP. This product is successfuly in pilot phase in Finland with Helsinki Telephone Corporation. Chetan has also been instrumental in developing and publishing the first version of the E-Services APIs which provide a framework for the next generation of E-Services as envisioned by HP's E-Speak Technology. Prior to this Chetan has been working on portal technologies for HP's Enterprise Customers and on innovative technologies and frameworks for integration and interaction between various portals and web sites within HP.

Earlier in his career, Chetan worked in Singapore and India as a consultant for 2 years on client server and database solutions in various vertical areas including health care, publishing and inventory management

Chetan Patel has an M.S in Computer Engineering from Wright State University, Ohio and a B.E in Electronics Engineering from Bombay University, India. Chetan has several publications and a patent pending in his name. Chetan's technical interests lie in loosely coupled scalable architectures and agent infrastructures. Chetan can be reached at chetan@pybiz.com

PyBiz software is built and tested first on Linux and as such it runs best on Linux.
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