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Joseph Ellsworth

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CTO of A2WH.COM ML Trading engine Machine Learning predictive Analytic engine using AI techniques with high volume, high speed and big data capability. Designed to support stock and option trading by identifying which trades have the highest probability of meeting profitability goals in a specific time frame. May also be used to increase marketing ROI by targeting users most likely to find a specific offer attractive. This can reduce wasted money contacting people who have little or no change of buying.

A2WH provides systems which extract liquid potable water from air using solar energy.   This technology  can deliver water cost effectively in the most hostile locations and can scale from 1 gallon per day up through millions of gallons per day.

Correct Energy Solutions -  provides  unique energy solutions designed solve real world energy and conservation problems.  This includes micro-wind turbines suitable for near ground installation,  renewable cooling and air to water technologies.  


We believe:

We launched Air Solar Water that describes our flagship technology for Solar Atmospheric Water Generators.

Solar powered Atmospheric Water Generator. Air Solar Water model A2WH-83S[/caption]

Air Solar Water now has the A2WH-83S solar Water maker is available to buy now.

The Air Solar Water technology is uniquely designed to operated in remote off grid locations where ground water is not available.  It's salt based desiccant design and use of solar heat as the primary energy allows it to operate in dry locations even deserts.

Water for dry cabins

The Air Solar Water model a2wh-83s is a perfect fit to add water for dry cabins in remote locations or research sites where no ground water is available.